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The 100 Peeps Challenge

Prompted from our earlier story about the 50 Peeps in 60 minutes challenge, Zach from sent in a story he wrote a while back. A friend of his was mouthing off about how he could eat 100 peeps in one sitting. One year later, the challenge was set, more competitors entered, and hilarity ensued. This is their story...


The basic idea was that our friend Wyatt was mouthing off and said he could eat x amount of Peeps within one hour. It was talked-up for a year and eventually, we had three people attempting to consume 100 Peeps within one hour. The crowd favorite, Wyatt, had the power and possible skill to win. The silver-medal favorite, Debashis, was suckered into this match late, but was known to be crazy. Jennifer, my housemate's girlfriend, was a surprise entry.


Here's how it went down

Wyatt psyching up

A GIANT dog from next door

Wyatt looking war-torn early on

Jennifer eats chips to balance sugar & salt

Wyatt rushing

Over-the-shoulder with Debashis

Jennifer slowly takes them down

First intimations of throwing up

David giving thumbs-up to Debashis

It looks like Debashis will chuck

Wyatt hits the deck after (puking) 84.5

A glamour shot of the three

Peep baseball

The aftermath

1) Wyatt - DNF, 84.5
2) Debashis - DNF, 50
3) Jennifer - DNF, 46

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