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Bacon Caramel Ice Cream
Yep, a bunch of the flavors you love, all together in the one convenient frozen dessert. Apparently it tastes just like bacon too, well, maybe a little creamier. It's made by using the bacon fat in the caramel and the custard. Ingenious! And if you get too messy, you could wash yourself with some Bacon Soap! After you've had a Bacon Cheese Bacon Burger that is!


We had heard that this would be one of the special flavors at Scoops Ice Cream this weekend. Not only are we devotees of the work of mad ice cream genius Tai Kim, but ... bacon ice cream?! The Fat Pack would have flown there if we had had wings.


Tai told me that there are no actual bacon pieces in here -- he fried up a mess o' bacon and made both the caramel and custard with bacon fat.

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