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Man arrested for tackling giant sausage

What did that poor sausage ever do to deserve being tackled!??!


A man was charged with criminal damage after rugby-tackling a giant hot dog, worth £400. The 6ft glass-fibre hot dog was part of a burger van's display at the Magic of the 80s concert in Alnwick Pastures. Concert-goers reported seeing the sausage character with its arm broken off.


A hot dog similar to the one attacked

Owners of the burger van say the mascot will cost at least £400 to replace if it cannot be repaired.

It was the only arrest made at the gig in the shadow of Alnwick Castle as police reported a quiet night at Saturday's concert.

A woman was given a £60 fixed penalty notice by police for being drunk and disorderly.

Several people were ejected from the gig for alcohol-related incidents.

Alnwick and Amble community inspector Rod Maclennan said: "It was a fantastic night.

"There were 5,000 people soaked to the skin, and there was a lot of alcohol, but no problems and the atmosphere was great.

"Organisers IML Concerts did a really great job with their security staff."

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