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Double Pounder a McDonald's heart-stopper

Looks like doesn't like the idea of "The Double Pounder", a McDonalds Quarter Pounder with 8 patties. They've recently reported on the phenomenon and likened it to "a heart attack waiting to happen". The article stemmed from a video we wrote about a few weeks ago of a 17yr old guy downing one of these McTowers, you can check out the video here... Haven't heard the jingle though? We're lovin' it!!!


By Clair Weaver
August 12, 2007 01:00am
MONSTER-SIZED McDonald's hamburgers stuffed with up to eight meat patties and nine slices of cheese have been slammed as "a heart attack waiting to happen". Some of the fast-food chains sell super-sized Quarter Pounders, which contain about 220g of fat and 11,500kJ each, on request. The "double pounder" is the equivalent of more than three days' worth of fat for a grown man - or almost five Pizza Hut deep-pan Hawaiian pizzas or 45 Tim Tams.


At about $18, it is not listed on the menu, nor under nutritional information.

It has developed a cult following as a challenge for teenagers, after a video was posted online of a 17-year-old boy ploughing his way through the burger at a McDonald's restaurant.

Rival chain Hungry Jacks is also allowing customers to order mega-burgers under its Have It Your Way ordering system.

Nutrition Australia senior nutritionist Aloysa Hourigan described the double pounder as "obscene" and a "heart attack waiting to happen".

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