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Burger-eater chews up record with 34 Burgers

Nick’s Hamburger Shop in Brookings recently had it's Nickburger record broken by an unknown eater. Brandon Brody, a 19-year-old Brookings resident crushed the previous record by 10 burgers. He's also claimed to have eaten 15 McChickens in one sitting! Will we hear more from this eater in the future? Lets hope so!


BY: Beverly Jenson
On Monday, the burger-eating record didn't just get broken at Nick's Hamburger Shop – it was devoured. A 19-year-old Brookings resident, Brandon Brody, started eating burgers at 11a.m. and one hour later became the Nick's world record-holder as he took the last bite of his 34th hamburger. That's 10 more than the last time somebody set out to challenge all the Nick's-eaters who'd gone before, a stunning accomplishment.


This week, there was a new king at Nick’s Hamburger Shop in Brookings. Brandon Brody claimed his title by pounding down 34 Nickburgers – 10 more than anyone has ever eaten in the one-hour time limit.

The slender, 118-pound SDSU sophomore said this was not his first foray into competitive eating.

"I've always been able to eat a lot," Brody explained, "and when a friend told me about the record here, I thought I'd give it a shot. I once ate 15 McChickens in one sitting, so I thought 30 burgers would be about the equivalent to that."

He added that the key to consuming so many sandwiches at one "meal" is to not drink much water.

"It really weighs you down," he said.

The single-sitting record has been broken twice in the past couple of years, but each of those new champions only added another burger to the total. Brody's feat pulverized the record.

Nick's Hamburger Shop owner Dick Fergen said he was amazed that Brody could put away that quantity of his world- famous sandwiches, adding, "This record will probably be around for a while."

For his effort, Brody will receive a sweatshirt declaring him the new record-holder.

Oh, and the hamburgers were on the house.

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