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The World's Largest Nachos

This is it folks, the World's Largest Nachos! Weighing in at 1,258.33 kilograms (2,774lbs), this Mexican monstrosity contained 241kg (531lb) of Refried Beans, 616kg (1,358lb) of Corn Chips, 280kg (617lb) of Cheese, 12kg (26lb) of Jalapeno's, 38kg (83lb) of Guacamole, 42kg (92lb) of Sour Cream, 26kg (57lb) of Salsa, and half a kilo (1lb) of garnish. But the kewlest thing is how they melted the cheese! Now they're some serious heat lamps!


Guinness Book of Records " World's Largest Nachos" Record Holder (More importantly, we raised $17,600 for the Royal Children's Hospital Cancer ward!) Held at Good Food Show, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Saturday 8th June 2002



Getting Started

Spreading the Beans

Beans are on the bottom

Bottom Layer

Adding some Cheese

Adding the Chips

Even more Chips

Adding Cheese

More Cheese

Hope you're hungry!

Top layer of Chips

Melt that Cheese

Hard at work

An Eerie Glow


ET Phone Home

Cooking the Nachos

Great Cookers

Melted Cheese



Sour Cream


Wow it's big!

Cooking Team

The Big Nacho's Team

Official Weights

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