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The 1.5Kg Home Cooked Steak Challenge

After previously eating a 1KG steak with ease around a month ago, me and a friend decided to try a 1.5KG steak + sides (150 grams of potato chips and a handful of peas and corn, topped with mushroom gravy made from pan juices!) The whole meal was cooked by me and took around 50 minutes to cook, due to the thickness of the steaks. Lachlan had his steak cooked "well done" while I had mine "medium". The entire meal was finished in a mere 25 minutes by Lachlan (my friend aged 16) and 26 minutes by me, Jono aged 18.


We intend to take on a steak meal even to that of the big Texan soon, maybe even bigger!

- Jono

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