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Kraft Single Haloween Costume

Halloween has come and gone, but the Supersized Kraft Single will live on! These guys made this giant cheesy snack from foam rubber and plastic. Too bad if he went trick or treating out in the sun... stinky cheese!


"Here's my submission for my best, most favorite Halloween costume. I made this for Halloween 2004. If you can't tell what I was... well... I was a slice of cheese, specifically a Kraft Single. It all started a few months before when people kept on asking me what I was going to be for Halloween. Not having anything to say I simply said "I'm going to be a slice of cheese." Everyone thought I was joking, including myself. When Halloween season rolled around I couldn't come up with anything else so I decided to follow through and be a slice of cheese.


To make it I used the following:

-- 1 twin size mattress pad (the egg-crate kind)
-- A big sheet of plastic (I used a mattress bag)
-- A razor blade or utility knife
-- A can of spray adhesive
-- A can of orangy-yellow spray paint
-- A big Kraft sticker

To make:

-- Cut the mattress pad in half to make it square.
-- Used the spray adhesive to glue the egg-crate sides together leaving holes at the top, sides and bottom for my head, arms and legs.
-- Spray painted the whole thing the orangy-yellow.
-- Wrapped the whole thing in the mattress bag leaving a lip around the outside and being sure to fold it over the top to create the signature flap.
-- Glued the edges of the mattress bag with the spray adhesive.
-- Used a razor blade or utility knife to cut the holes in the top, sides and bottom.
-- Attached a Kraft sticker to the top flap.

The costume was a hit at the party I went to that year.

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