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New World's Largest Hamburger, 134lb'er, Mallie's Sports Bar, Southgate, MI
While this hasn't been given the official title of the World's Largest Commercially Available Hamburger yet by Guinness World Records, the scales seem to suggest this is the case! On Saturday February 23, 2008, Mallie's Sports Bar & Grill in Southgate, Michigan, created "The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger", a 134lb Hamburger selling on the menu for $350. Originally aiming for 150lb's, it came in a little underweight, but still surpassed the previous World record holder, the 123lb "Main Event" burger from Denny's Beer Barrel Pub. A packed restaurant was there to witness the event including the Southgate Mayor Norma Wurmlinger!


The Mallie's world's biggest burger is on the menu and available to order for dine-in parties only. No delivery orders will be accepted at this time. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to prepare. Perfect for your next party or family function. Place your order and bring your entire group of friends, family, co-workers etc. in to enjoy a piece of history. Great for Kid's birthdays, Anniversaries, Luncheons and all other types of parties and events


The Detroit Free Press


Mallie's Promotions Director - Mike Matkin with burger. (Bill Mealbach)

Prepping the worlds biggest burger (Bill Mealbach)

Steve Mallie putting the final touches on the burger. (Bill Mealbach)

The final piece to history. (Bill Mealbach)

I think she is ready to be unveiled. (Bill Mealbach)

The official carry out presentation in front of a full house. (Bill Mealbach)

Southgate Mayor, Norma Wurmlinger with the burger. (Bill Mealbach)

One lucky patron enjoying the fun during the event. (Bill Mealbach)

Thanks for your assistance Metro Scale. (Bill Mealbach)

The Mallie family with Mayor Wurmlinger. (Bill Mealbach)

Courtesy of the Detroit Free Press

Courtesy of the Detroit Free Press

The Burger Weighing (Bill Mealbach)

The Banner (Bill Mealbach)

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