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The Ultimate Pizza Challenge

I don't know much about this pizza place...but by the looks of this video, their pizzas are HEAVY!


Micheal tries to eat one 12 inch, 3 topping Myles pizza.

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The Ultimate Pizza Challenge
Authored by: rnast on Thursday, April 24 2008 @ 03:35 pm UTC
Valiant Effort! Having graduated from BGSU, and frequented Myles, I know what a feat that would have been. After graduating from BGSU I moved to Chicago, home of the Deepdish, and I've tried many, many different pizza shops here. In my opinion none on them compare to Myles. I even recently picked up 20 Myles sides sauces in an attempt to create my own Windy City Pizza version to keep me happy in between trips back to Ohio. Anyway, can we expect a second attempt? Maybe no toppings this time?