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7,000 Calorie Vending Machine Challenge

One Man. One Vending Machine, 29 items, 7,000 Calories. Could one man consume the entire contents of this vending machine? (Warning: Video is about 2:30mins too long)


After hearing about a woman who ate one of each vending machine snack to total 32 snack items and 7,000+ calories in a day, I couldn't resist giving the challenge a shot (especially after being dared). I didn't have enough dollar bills to buy every item so I purchased what I can to try and get past the 7,000 calorie mark.

Overall it was a fun challenge. I usually stick with my favorite snacks but this got me to try new items. The most interesting item (not necessarily best tasting) was the Burger King Chips. I wish they made it taste more like the Whopper rather than ketchup and fries.

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