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7 Men vs The World's Hottest Burger

The theory was more people meant more support, therefore a better chance of finishing the World's Hottest Burger. Good in theory, not in practice. 7 Men arrived, convinced they would tackle this mighty challenge. Laughter, tears and hilarity followed.... there can be only one! Who will take the coveted title of finishing The World's Hottest Burger?

From: My Camera

Folks, The time has come to tackle the "World hottest Burger" at Off the Wall Diner in Wellington Point. You may have heard something about this burger over the past week or so and the time has come for me and 6 other to try this burger and tonight is the night. We are going to meet there at 7:30pm at the restaurant but please let me know if you are coming so that I can warn them. Also we will be videotaping the event so we have it for the record. - Reggie


Oh, and in case you weren't aware, the rules (roughly) are you can't drink ANYTHING (beer, milk, anything during the length of the challenge). You can't disappear out of sight, and you can't eat or touch another persons burger or you're disqualified. It's a shame it was done at night time. The flash photography really doesn't do these guys justice. Pretty much all of them were sweating profusely, and their faces were a lot more red than they look in the pics. This is a seriously hot burger, and boy did it show...

After getting the email above from Reggie, I wrote back to the guys...

Fellas, I don't think you truly appreciate what is is you're in for! And as an added bonus, previous successful participant Andrew will be joining us for encouragement, and the burger itself!

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing someone try this burger, here are a few links:

Mitch and the World's Hottest Burger Video

Andrew does the World's Hottest Burger (special guest appearance tonight!)

Cranky and the World's Hottest Burger (hilarious!)

And without further adieu, here are the pics! (video coming soon!)

The Menu

Reggie being Reggie, quietly confident

Making the burgers

The World's Hottest Burger Pattie. This also has a table spoon of chilli powder in it as well!

6 on the grill

Outside Off The Wall Cafe

The noodle place next door who offered free noodles at the end of the challenge

The winning challengers

Death Burger Immortals

Gloves are handed out

Opening the top

The close up, look at the Chilli!!! It was that hot that when I was taking the shot, my nostrils started to burn. This burger is freaking ridiculously hot!

Good quality!

The cross section. Looks tame enough, right?

The free noodles from next door

The World's Hottest Burger

Heals came up with this strategy, chop it up into smaller pieces for easy digestion. It didn't work

Struggling. It's a shame you can't see it, but beads of sweat started to form hahahah

Heals is crying it's that hot. He soon got up and started walking around in a daze

kman with sweat and tears dripping down his face, it was as if he'd just gone for a 20min run!!! Hahahah. It's not often you see a man cry as much as this

The look of pain on everyones face was common. Open mouths, the sound of "aawwwwwwww *puff puff puff*" and various mumblings of "Fuck this is hot.... this is so fucking hot...."

Not amused!

Reggie's still smiling! While Heals is hallucinating!

But not for long... Reggie gets up, walks over to the garden and stares out across the road. He waved the camera's away, but held it all in. Came back, sat down, took another bite and then it was all over. Reggie throws in the towel!

The leftovers of Reggie's attempt, including the last bite he spat out (noodles were tossed on by the noodle lady next door, I think she felt sorry for him)

Andrew still powers on with the crowd behind him. The last man standing! (and sweating, and swearing)

Only a little bit left to go!

Sweat pours from his face

The raw onion wasn't pleasant apparently!

Here goes the last bite!


The aftermath

Yoghurt soon follows with more mumblings about the pain

The proud prize winner!

Blair's MegaDeath Sauce - 1 big tablespoon of this stuff goes on every burger. I reckon you could strip paint with this. I tried a bit on my finger and my whole mouth was on fire.

This from Andrew, the guy that finished the burger after the event:

Thanks to careful driving by billy on the way home we made it without any spillages (from either end)..

I had a bit of choccy before bed.. And as a bit tender around the guts..
Got some sleep until about 1.30am when my body told me it was time to drop the crosby kids off at pool.. Good thing they were patient and weren't in a rush to came out.. 1st Ring of fire rating: 3/10.. Fairly sedate.. I resisted the urge to make myself spew as I knew it was going to be just as painful going out that way as it was going in. Was up and down till about 4am when I finally went to sleep.. Still feeling a bit tender today.. I expect to make another visit to the pool this afternoon which would involve some more intense ring of fire action..

I was surprised it wasn't hotter.. I reckon the 3rd degree wings(x 20) at blue smoke are on par with this but only because they come out hot and you only have chicken and sauce.. The aftermath from that experience was a lot more painful than this one has been to date.

An awesome effort by all. 7 people started, only one man finished. Andrew's name will be up on the wall within the next two weeks.

Oh and here's a tip from the owner.... if you ever try this challenge, keep a roll of toilet paper in the fridge at home. You'll thank him for it ;)

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