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Super Mario Wedding Cake

What did they say on their wedding day? Wahoo! This is right up there with The Muppet Show Cake in terms of care and attention to detail. All the big names are there. Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and more! I wonder if King Koopa was hiding inside the castle?


The greatest wedding cake ever! The Super Mario Kart Cake was a hit with guests at our wedding. Everything in the pictures of this cake is 100% edible. This Chocolate Decadence Cake (black chocolate cake filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream and chocolate mousse) was as delciious as it was unique. Guests were able to get pieces of the sugary sculptures to take home while the cake was being cut.


We were looking for ideas to make our wedding different and our own, a unique wedding cake was one of the things we came up with. My wife suggested the idea of having a video game cake after we saw one online. We wanted a game that we both enjoyed and decided on the game series we have spent the most time playing together.

Coincidentally, the latest Mario Kart game was released on the same weekend of our wedding. This cake was designed with elements from multiple Mario Kart games, as well as a few aspects from other Super Mario Bros. games.

Our wedding cake was created by Beth from Let The Eat Cake in Costa Mesa, California:

It was inspired by atl text's Super Mario Wedding Cake photos: 594289496628/

Photos 2-10 by Studio Vérité Photography

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