Animal penis eating challenge in Beijing

No I'm not joking..... Comedians Hamish and Andy were recently in China for the Olympics and set themselves a challenge. As you may or may not know, the Chinese eat Penis (lol) because they believe it has magical properties that increase strength and vigor... or something. Anyway Hamish and Andy make up a game called, "Mystery Penis Guessing Game". Penii are made into edible dishes and served. If they guess which animal the penis in the dish is from, they don't have to eat it. Otherwise it's penis into the mouth for them! Hamish and Andy love the penis! Pee pee eating from 4:20 onward


Hamish and Andy Olympic events: Fake tickets scalping to foreign tourists, Judo time trial, mystery animal penis eating challenge - Donkey penis, yak penis, horse penis, dog penis, deer penis or sheep penis?

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