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Druplibacon - Head made out of Bacon Howto

Inspired by Drupal, the well known blogging software, Chrys decided to make his own Drupal mascot.... out of BACON! Post, edit, eat, repeat.


Bored and with a package of expiring bacon on my hands last weekend, I set out to make the ultimate foodstuff Druplicon. I mean, it's been wonderfully done as cake (and cake, and cake), cookies, cupcakes, Easter eggs, and pumpkins, but never with bacon!


Directions: Just form a Druplicon-like shape with some tin foil, wrap yer meat slices around it, stick it in the oven, then cut out the holes with a pair of kitchen scissors.

Caution: Be sure to let DrupliBacon™ cool down before handling so that you don't burn yourself... (wouldn't that be embarrassing to explain?)

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