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Smell Like a Burger, Get All the Ladies

We've known this all along... Well, at least those of us who've frequented the fine fast food establishments of the world. Nothing says "lets get it on" like the smell of a Burger King Whopper, and now they've captured that smell in a bottle! Burger King has released a new fragrance called, "FLAME" (yes, all CAPS). It smells like a freshly broiled Whopper. What about the side of Onion Rings though?


New scent for men from Burger King makes you smell like a Whopper


FLAME - The new scent from Burger King

By Elizabeth Bougerol

Hey ladies, don't you just love a man who smells like charred meat? Burger King has read your thoughts and answered your prayers with FLAME™, a new limited-edition body spray for men.

According to Gothamist, the spray "evokes the smell of freshly broiled Whoppers." FLAME™ -- which really is written just like that, with the all-caps and the trademarking (and if you're going to do that, why not spring for an exclamation mark, so it reads like the title of a Broadway musical?) -- is available at cosmetics chainlet Ricky's NYC and online, thanks to a website (the URL is that jibes with the burger giant's cheeky rebranding of the King as a fast-food-mascot Barry White, with the Quiet Storm soundtrack and the sex-you-up hot tub graphics.

As for the spray itself, we suspect this is probably not a new product, but rather some marketing genius' next-generation repackaging of an engineered flav-o-essence that BK staffers spray on the meat to make it smell like it's fresh from the grill (and not the microwave). But no matter! It'll make you smell good enough to eat, and that chick in the low-cut shirt will want to slather you with ketchup, slap a processed cheese square on you, and devour you with a few strings of iceberg lettuce and a slightly wilted pickle.

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