Heal Farm sells the 12 bird roast for £665

Live in the UK and want the joy and glamor of the Turducken without the hassle? Well for a cool £665 (US$990) Heal Farm will gather up 12 different birds, pluck, debone, and build them into one of the biggest roast dinners you've ever seen. The True Love Roast has a bird for each of the 12 days of Christmas. ... on the 13th day of Christmas, Heal Farms gave to me.... Triple bypass surgereeeeeeeeey.... Genius!


The most outrageous multi-bird we have created yet! Made with the meat from 12 different types of bird, both land and water fowl. There is breast meat from 48 birds with 8 different types of stuffing.


The True Love Roast has a bird for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

On the outside a turkey, inside are the breasts:
Goose filled with orange and walnut stuffing.
Chicken with hazelnut and ginger.
Pheasant with juniper stuffing.
Aylesbury duck with sage and onion.
Barbary duck with Persian fruit stuffing.
Poussin and guinea fowl layered with parsley, lemon and thyme.
Partridge and pigeon squab set in juniper stuffing.
Mallard duck layered with cranberry and lemon and
whole boned quail filled with cranberry and orange relish.

Each True Love Roast comes in its own large wicker hamper,
is fully prepared and ready to cook. We send them sitting in
their own roasting tin and wrapped in muslin, we even include
a roasting thermometer so that you can see when it is cooked.

Some vital statistics- The True Love Roast weighs 25kgs.
Will feed around 125 people, takes 10 hours to cook and
yields around 4 litres of flavoursome stock.

The roasting tin measures 21"x16"x4"deep, so check your oven
carefully, only the bigger range type or catering ovens will take
this beastie.

Oh yes - and it does take two people to lift it!

Code 9006 £665.00
Including roasting tin, muslin, meat thermometer,
wicker hamper and delivery.

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