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The BF Burger Challenge, The Big Burger Shack, Maryborough, QLD, AU
It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what the "BF" stands for once you've seen this Burger Challenge. It's the BF Challenge from The Big Burger Shack in Maryborough. The burger weighs in usually at approximately 1070g for a challenge and consists of 3 x 180g beef patties, 1 x 220g chicken Schnitzel, 3 – 4 pieces of bacon and cheese depending on if they have to bring the weight up, lettuce, tomato and fried onion. Eaters choice of sauce. The Challenge: Eat it. The Prize: Your name on the leader board. Beat the fastest time and get a t-shirt!
Update 01-Feb-09: We have a new leader Dick at 7:35. After 6 weeks someone actually beat Richo.
Update 12-Sept-09: Rowboat completed the burger in 6:34 smashing Dicks record by 1 minute


The BF Challenge consists of eating our 1KG BF Burger as fast as you can. Anybody that finishes the Burger goes on our Challenge Wall.


Rules are as follows:

1. BF Burger must be eaten in the BB Shack.
2. You must finish all of the burger.
3. Timing is done by BB Shack staff only.
4. Times are final and we may add or deduct time if we feel the urge for things we deem unfair.
5. Throwing up will disqualify you and you do have to clean it up.
6. There will be no discussion entered into with regards to the official times and how we came up with them—it’s our shop!!

Are you up for the Challenge?

Here's a run down of the challenge from one of the Big Burger Shack's owners, Michael:

Maryborough QLD Australia, recognised as the gateway to the largest natural sand island in the world, the beautiful Fraser Island is now home to one of the greatest burger challenges in Australia the BF Burger Challenge.

The burger is on a 5” bun and with the filling hanging past its girth and its height of 7inches is impressive as it’s brought for the challenge. At that point most people certainly understand why its called the BF burger.

The challenge is simple – you need to eat the 1KG BF Burger in the fastest possible time. If you can finish the burger and are timed in the Big Burger Shack you get to go on the in shop and web leaders boards. Should you beat the top time you get one of the sought after Top of the leaders board T shirts. There are currently 5 in existence as they are printed only when someone beats the current time.

Rules for the challenge are that you must eat all of the burger in store, you cannot throw up as that disqualifies you and you must clean the mess up, times are taken by the staff only and there is no arguments as to how the comp runs as it’s our store.

How the burger is eaten is up to the individual hot or cold dunked in water we have seen it all to get the burger down fast.

The current leader Richo came in to the store to get a BF and was talked into eating it and taking the challenge. In a mammoth effort he slashed almost a minute from the time. Several people have given the challenge a go since and although all claimed they could cut Richo’s time by a couple of minutes they have all failed. The closest Brett, ate it in 7:53 a slim 15 seconds behind Richo.

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