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Deep Fried Peanut Butter

While the video is fraught with FAIL (wtf is up with that oil?!?!), I think these two ladies have a pretty damn good concept! Anyone care to perfect this recipe for your fellow SupersizedMeals viewers?


cherish and sarah venture into the unknown land of deep frying peanutbutter!

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Deep Fried Peanut Butter
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, February 09 2009 @ 09:43 am UTC
freeze the peanut butter and use a sweetened tempura batter perhaps?

and for christs sake, get a real deep fryer - peanut oil would be appropo for the application
Deep Fried Peanut Butter
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, February 02 2011 @ 02:56 pm UTC
I've done this in my deep fryer as well. You definitely need to freeze the peanut butter and make sure you have a light batter. I would also suggest no egg. If you fry for too long all the peanut butter will come out of the deep fried shell and.

Originally I wasn't as happy with deep fried peanut butter as i have been with chocolate, but then i came up with a few recipe ideas i really enjoyed.

I would suggest making both deep fried peanut butter balls and deep fried chocolate balls, I added this to a little bit of vanilla ice cream and some raspberry sauce and it the result was delicious.
Deep Fried Peanut Butter
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, February 10 2009 @ 06:24 pm UTC
apparently "perfect" in this case means "do this and know what the fuck one is doing in the kitchen" (and not get distracted by your friend's hair like a raven that just saw something shiny...)

I'm tempted to try this, I have the peantu butter, the flour, just not peanut oil, but I've got vegetable and I doubt it'd harm the flavour too bad...

(who the fuck fries something in a pot?)
Good Deep Fried Peanut Butter
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, October 18 2009 @ 10:35 am UTC
came up with my own recipe for this, this morning. ...i don't measure anything, i learned to cook by eye and what i think will taste good so measurements are rough estimates. Batter = two eggs (beaten), cup and a halfish of flour, around 3 tablespoons of sugar, some cinnamon and nutmeg, about 4 tablespoons of baking powder, 10-12oz of pepsi... mix dry stuff first, then eggs, pepsi last to keep as much carbonation as you can. Your deep frier should be at 375 and ready before you add the egg and pepsi. Put a decent amount of flour on a plate, scoop some pb into a ball, roll around in flour, drop in batter so completely coated, roll around in flour again, put on another plate lightly dusted with flour, repeat for as many PB balls you plan on making. Make sure there is NO PB showing at all, it must be completely coated with batter and flour. gently drop battered PB balls into frier. i only do four at a time. PB is dense and tends to sink to the bottom, you need a little finesse to get them to float or the batter will stick to your basket, peel off the batter and the PB will melt and ruin your oil and the PB ball. I use a fork and gently roll them around in the oil for 1-2 min or just golden brown. Gently dry with paper towels. If you plan on eating them right away, dig in! If your making them for later, i find it best to put them in the freezer ASAP so the melted PB inside doesn't get the batter all soggy. Don't want to freeze them all the way, just get them cool so the PB solidifies again.
Good Deep Fried Peanut Butter
Authored by: Billy on Sunday, October 18 2009 @ 02:48 pm UTC
Anon, that sounds awesome, email me! Have you got pics? It'd be tops to run your recipe and pics in a story all it's own
Good Deep Fried Peanut Butter
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, June 13 2010 @ 08:52 pm UTC
Before i looked up, fried peanut butter on google, i tried it. I put flour on the peanut butter, rolled them into balls, dipped them into a batter, and deep fried them. Your oil must be hot and you must do it fast or the peanut butter will run out. If you do it right it is very good.