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Space Invader Pixel Cookie Howto

Remember the Super Mario Cookie? Well from the same wonderful 8-bit era comes the Space Invaders Pixel Cookie Howto. Shooting the aliens? Meh! Eat them instead!


We made these space invader cookies January '08, courtesy of the Play-Doh fun factory. Next is to do some Mario cookies - requires 4 colours of dough and bigger cookies.


The Play-Doh Fun Factory. The must have tool for the budding cookie artist. (Source: SeattleJonman)

Make cookie dough. Extrude dough-sticks. (Source: SeattleJonman)

Collect dough sticks. Make sure you know how many you need of each colour ahead of time. (Source: SeattleJonman)

Start assembling the bottom row of your cookie. Microsoft Excel is your friend. (Source: SeattleJonman)

One completed row of a space invader cookie. (Source: SeattleJonman)

Continue stacking up the rows. (Source: SeattleJonman)

A fully assembled log of space invader cookies. (Source: SeattleJonman)

And here's the money shot - slice your log to reveal it's inner invader! (Source: SeattleJonman)

The ends are a bit messy. (Source: SeattleJonman)

Our oven was colonised. (Source: SeattleJonman)

Tasty and fun. (Source: SeattleJonman)

They are legion. (Source: SeattleJonman)

The most fun you can have in a kitchen. (Source: SeattleJonman)

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