Hardees iBurger app for iPhone

Can't get enough of a Hardee's/Carl's Jr Thickburger? Well now you don't even have to get to a store to enjoy one! (well, enjoy one virtually that is!) Behold, the Hardee's iBurger app, available now via iTunes. You start off by clicking on the box, opening into what you'd normally see when buying one of these tasty treats. Click again to pick it up, then, well, you eat it so to speak. Bring the phone to your mouth and make munching sounds, and you'll see the burger disappear just like a real one. Not quite as satisfying as the real thing, but still pretty funny ;)


Download the iBurger, and in minutes, you will satisfy your hunger with the thick & juicy, sweet and tangy Western Thickburger. Bite by bite, you can devour your Thickburger with every flip of your phone. Whether you need a quickie for lunch, or want to enjoy it at night... either way you're sure to be satisfied


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