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World's Largest Lamington, 1320kg, Ipswich, QLD, AU

The Lamington. A sponge cake (or, more traditionally, butter cake) in the shape of a cube, coated in a layer of traditionally chocolate icing then desiccated coconut. And where should the World's Largest Lamington reside? Where else but where it originated, Queensland, Australia! And while a Lamington is mostly cake, having it weigh in at 1,320kg is a mighty fine effort. It took ten bakery staff four days of none stop work to create this giant cake!


THE finishing touches are being made to a possible record-breaking 1320kg lamington. Celebrating world National Lamington Day, Ipswich locals have built the giant cake hoping it makes the Guinness Book of Records.


President of the Queensland Law Society, solicitor Ian Berry, oversaw the weigh-in and will sign the documents to attest to the lamington's size and weight.

"On behalf of Lord Lamington, I officially declare Ipswich the home of the world's largest lamington," Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale declared.

The famous chocolate and coconut-covered cake was named after the former Queensland Governor, Lord Lamington.

The giant lamington was cut in the presence of Lord Lamington's great grandson Alex Scrimgeour and great granddaughter Belinda Leigh, both visiting Australia.

The World's Largest Lamington

Mr Scrimgeour said he had never tried lamingtons until a week ago and from the look on his face as he ate a slice, it would appear he wished he hadn't.

Our nation's famous cake is said to be created after a maidservant to Lord Lamington at Government House in Brisbane accidentally dropped the governor's favourite sponge cake into some melted chocolate.

Not one to waste food, Lord Lamington suggested the chocolate-covered sponge be rolled in coconut to avoid messy fingers and the lamington was born.

The giant lamington will be distributed - in small pieces - to council and road workers

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