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The Windows 7 Whopper Released in Japan

Once again proving that the Japanese are both crazy and freakin' awesome, to celebrate the release of Windows 7, they've got a release of their own. The Windows 7 Whopper. 7 Flame Grilled patties served with the usual Whopper fixin's. Being Whopper patties, this would have to be bigger than the Octo Stacker challenge! Any of our Japanese readers care to do a taste test and send it in? :D You'll have to be quick though, it's only available for 7 days!


Confirming our belief that Japan is at once among the coolest and craziest places on this planet we all call home is Burger King's exclusive Windows 7 Whopper. Seven stacked beef patties extend your usual Whopper to over five inches in height and the whole thing costs an appropriate ¥777 (or $8.55). It'll be available for one week only -- or seven days, get it? Join us past the break to see the full towering size of this meaty monstrosity.


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