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The Hungry Jacks Octo Stacker Value Meal Challenge
You might have heard recently Hungry Jacks (Australia's Burger King) brought out the "Stacker" range of burgers, Double, Triple and quad to the menu. Of course all the health hippies were up in arms at how irresponsible Hungry Jacks were in releasing the burger. Ho hum. Well rather than try the stock-standard quad Stacker, I thought I'd give the Octo Stacker Value Meal Challenge a go. The Challenge: Finish an Octo Stacker (8 patties, 8 slices of cheese, 4 slices of bacon), Large Onion Rings and a Large Diet Coke (lol!). Part of the challenge was re-creating the stacker with 8 layers of Onion Rings built into the burger. With a rebuild and a structural support, we had ourselves one mighty burger!

From: Hungry Jacks

Value Meal Challenge Stats: Calories - 2590, Fat (g) - 162.9, Saturated Fat (g) - 74.6, Sodium (mg) - 4,481, Protein (g) - 149.6


It's lunchtime, and Sean (fellow Supersizer), Aaron (photographer and support crew), Wayne (photographer and former victor of the Big Shank Challenge) and I walked up the mall to our lunchtime destination, Hungry Jacks

It's usually pretty busy here at lunch time, into the line we go.

I wanted get them to make an Octo stacker for me, but wasn't convinced it'd be the cheaper option. $5.95 for 1 x Octo Stacker, but when you add 4 x Patties (+$4), 4 slices of cheese (+$2) and bacon (I think +$1) it worked out more than just buying another quad Stacker. I knew I was going to pull them apart anyway, so meh, I got 2 quad stackers instead.

Ended up geting 1 quad Stacker Value Meal ($8.55), swapped out the fries for Onion Rings (+$0.50), Upsized (+$0.55) and a second quad Stacker ($5.95) and a diet Coke of course. Total cost: $15.55. That's a lot of HJ's...

Health Statistics
Energy (calories): Burgers = 2,160; Onion Rings = 430; Total = 2,590 calories
Fat (g): Burgers = 142g; Onion Rings = 20.9; Total = 162.9g
Saturated Fat (g): Burgers = 69.4g; Onion Rings = 5.2g; Total = 74.6g
Sodium (mg): Burgers = 3,860mg; Onion Rings = 621mg; Total = 4,481mg
Protein (g): Burgers = 149.6g; Onion Rings = 0g; Total = 149.6g

We then started the deconstruction/reconstruction of the Octo Stacker Value Meal Challenge. Damn those patties were hot. Note the sheen on that velvety cheese. Gorgeous... First layer of onion rings deployed.

Subsequent layers of beef and cheese, then onion rings continued from there on in...

Until finally, the Pièce de résistance, The Octo Stacker Value Meal Challenge in all its glory!

It ended up getting to be about as tall as a large drink. Normal bun next to it for scale reference.

They say you should always follow the 6 "P's", Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. I figured I'd bring a skewer along to help hold it together. I'm glad I did, otherwise I'd probably be wearing most of it

The first bite was a bit of a challenge. How to tackle such a mighty burger? I went for the top-down approach, then proceeded to consume the burger using the "Corn on the Cob" method

I cracked up when I saw this pic when we got back. Some random dude got a bit of a shock when he saw the burger! (click the pic for a bigger image)

This was probably about 1/3 done. This was a damn tasty burger! I thought it was going to be pretty hard, but it seemed to have just the right balance of cheese, beef, sauce and crunch from the Onion rings. They seriously should consider putting onion rings on their burgers. It tastes of pure win!

By now Sean had already plowed through both of his quad Stackers and onion rings!

We'd decided earlier on that if we did end up buying 2 x Octo Stackers we wouldn't bother eating the second bun. Meh, it's the Octo Stacker challenge, not the 2 x quad Stacker Challenge!

It was a mighty, mighty tasty burger. Sure it contained enough calories to feed a small country town for a day, but at least I got it with a diet coke.

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The Hungry Jacks Octo Stacker Value Meal Challenge
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, September 18 2008 @ 12:23 am UTC
Australian quad stacker is only a 4 stack cheeseburger with bacon. Real stacker is whopper size
The Hungry Jacks Octo Stacker Value Meal Challenge
Authored by: Billy on Thursday, September 18 2008 @ 02:21 am UTC
Actually I don't think that's true. Check out the BK quad Stacker Value Meal Challenge I did a while back in the US.

It does seem a little larger than the Australian one, but it's not Whopper size that's for sure...

The Hungry Jacks Octo Stacker Value Meal Challenge
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, September 19 2008 @ 03:14 am UTC
bet the shit after that had more lumps than a life guards back
The Hungry Jacks Octo Stacker Value Meal Challenge
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, May 15 2009 @ 05:59 am UTC
Nopes, they're both 4" burgers, its international standard