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The Value Meal Challenge: The BK Quad Stacker

The Value Meal Challenge: To create the fattest burger from a Value Meal using standard menu items. (e.g. exchange Fries w/ Onion Rings) In this instalment of the Value Meal Challenge, we tackle the BK Quad Stacker. 4 patties of beef, 4 slices of cheese, stacked with 4 layers of Onion Rings. Oh, and don't forget the bacon!

From: BK in Milpitas, CA


Four our second Value Meal Challenge, we hit the local BK up for one of the specials at the time, the BK Quad Stacker. Remember, the point of the Value Meal Challenge is to created the fattest single burger from a Value Meal. No adding patties, no unreasonable extras. How does this compare to the Carl's Jr Double Six Dollar Burger? Well, this one was ok, but I still think the reigning champ is Carl's Jr. But no matter, the BK was still up there as far as awesome value for money in the Value Meal Challenge!

And in case you're wondering, yes, I finished it :D

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