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The Personal Computer Deep Fryer (Fake?)
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, November 08 2007 @ 12:21 pm UTC
How many Watts is the PSU (250W??) ?. I use a 2KW electric heater to cook most of the food if not in the microwave oven, so having anything less than that makes you wait for a long time, and if the surface is big enought it even cools faster than you heat :) hehe! :). Here's the thing: Placing a computer in a synthetic oil (commestible oil is pretty much the same thing in these terms) filled bath provides reasonable electrical insulation but good thermal transport. Actually having one in this manner has a very good cooling surface and can never reach any significant temperature; this helps oveclocking the rig since it's true liquid cooling (not liquid boiling). If the experiment were with a Prescott 3.2GHz and only a coup of oil, I might have believed that bypassing the thermal protections you cand get the oil to heat up considerably an cook one french fry, but no more, since at above 150deg. Centigrade, the interior of the processor gets damaged and main power lines get cutoff so no current passes, no heat produced and everything stops.
FAKE !!!
ps: learn some physics before fooling others, it's good for you anyway and will prevend you from doing such idiotic statements and claims. Haaa haa 30W P-II fryer !!!!!!