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In 'n' Out 100x100 Burger
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, April 04 2007 @ 11:49 PM EDT
All these idiotic flamers need to shut their pie holes. So some college kids went out and did something pointless,but funny. Who does it really hurt? No one. So you can't order a massive burger anymore. Waaahh! STFU you fat crybabies. They won't let me have a burger with more than a pound of meat on it anymore. Boo fucking hoo. Now I have become a flamer on the other side (wonderful just another of life's goal achieved). As much as I despise flamers, I had to do this because of the pointless topic these people are worked up over.

We live in possibly the bitchiest society in the world. No one is ever happy unless they get their way right away. So to those who whine about not being able to get more than 4 patties of beef shoved between two grease soaked buns, I say stay home and cook yourself 8x8s or 16x16s or hell why not your own 100x100. As to the people that did this, I say good for you, enjoy life while you can. There is so much time ahead to be uptight pricks (as you can see by the responses here), so go out and do something else equally pointless next year, no matter where you are.
In 'n' Out 100x100 Burger
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, August 19 2009 @ 12:45 AM EDT
It's not as fun if you do it at home because the 100x100 is only funny because they let them order that. If it was done at home it would have looked much better and tasted good. That is not what these people were looking for.