Meatcake Week 2006!

Meatcake articles all this week on!

That's right Supersizers, we here at are starting a new annual tradition! is nearly 1 year old, and to celebrate our first birthday on November 9 we thought we'd celebrate the best way we know how, and that's with meat. Lots and lots of meat! So this week will be the first annual Meatcake Week (2nd week in November). A celebration of the humble meatcake, and the love it brings to us all (except the vegetarians, they hate the meatcake!)

And if you haven't experienced the joy of a meatcake, check this one out!

All week we'll be posting different meatcakes from around the world. Large, small, delicious, and sometimes downright disgusting. We're even going to make our own to celebrate! So drop on by, say hi and celebrate with us. And thanks everyone for the great support you've given us over the last year!

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