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Mega Egg and Mega Tomato at Japanese McDonalds

[via EatFeats] The Japanese love their MegaMacs, so it's no surprise that Japanese McDonalds have just released another version of their Mega styled burgers. Introducing the Mega Egg, and Mega Tomato, to help increase "satisfaction". Triple beef patties with egg for the Mega Egg, and triple beef patties with bacon and tomato for the Mega Tomato. Surely someone's Mega Mac'd these into a Mega Tower somewhere in Japan!


[Google Translated] McDonald's Japan is the 15th of the popular "mega" series of "mega egg" and "Mega tomato," adding, announced. The first stage of the "Mega Mac" is the amount of food to increase satisfaction with the approach spark increase in the "upstream" lineup will further accelerate the expansion of the epidemic. December 14 to January 10, 2008 to sell a limited time.


The New Mega Egg and Mega Tomato from McDonalds

McDonald's in January 2007 to BIFUPATI four using the "Mega Mac" with a limited release. So far, about 20 million units in sales in June, the second round as a "mega TERI driver" was released. According to the company, users from the lineup increased needs in many, the decision to release. Both stores nationwide sold, but sales of Mac sales stores in the early morning hours of 10:30 to closing up to 24 hours a day in the store at 5 to 10:30 until the morning hours outside Mac.

"Mega egg", BIFUPATI three, TAMAGO, bacon two, lettuce, cheese three BANZU in挟MI込N said. The source, a hot-from the source, volume and a sense of TAMAGO mild taste once enjoyed. Single item is 360 to 390 yen, MAKKUFURAIPOTETO M & M Beverage size is set to "value set" is 660 to 690 yen, the size and CHIKINMAKKUNAGETTO MAKKUFURAIPOTETO S and M Beverage is set. " mega set Smile "is 740 to 770 yen.

"Mega tomato", BIFUPATI three and tomato, bacon two, lettuce, cheese and hot sauce and spices from the three BANZU in the sand. Single item is 370 to 400 yen, the same configuration of each mega occasional "value set" is 670 to 700 yen, "smiles mega-set" is 750 to 780 yen, it said.

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Mega Egg and Mega Tomato at Japanese McDonalds
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, November 20 2007 @ 07:16 pm UTC
BIFUPATI => Beef Patty
BANZU => Buns?