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Candied Bacon Fudge Howto

Everyone loves bacon. Everyone loves Candy. Everyone loves fudge. With these powers combined, GOOOOOO PLANET.... oh, I mean we make Candied Bacon Fudge. DELICIOUS!!!!!!


Join me, won't you, as I embark on a glorious mission towards the greatest, manliest confection ever conceived.


Part 1: Candying the Bacon. You heard me. First, you need a few ingredients: Bacon, and brown sugar.

Next you preheat the oven to 400 farenheit (200 celsius).

Then, you lay out your bacon on a pan covered in tinfoil, like so;

And you cover it with brown sugar.

And you cover it with more brown sugar.

Then, you put the bacon in the oven. Sorry this picture came out blurry. Then, you let it cook for six minutes.

After six minutes, open the oven and check your bacon. It should be curling and crisping QUITE nicely.

Put it back in for another six minutes, and when the time is up, check it out. It should be shiny and golden, and just starting to turn dark.

CAREFULLY take it out of the oven, and put the pieces of bacon on a rack to cool. Be sure to put something UNDER the rack, otherwise you're going to make a mess. Also, keep in mind that molten sugar WILL blister your skin if you're a dumbass. Once you get them all on the rack, get a spoon and carefully spread any melted sugar from the pan onto the bacon. Just remember not to burn yourself.

When that's done, let the bacon sit and cool, it takes a while. After about 10 minutes, move the bacon around to make sure it won't crystallize to the rack. Let it sit until firm and crisp. Takes a few hours.

...first, you get your ingredients for fudge:

And the star of the show... CANDIED BACON!!!

Put the evaporated milk, sugar, and butter in a pot, start boiling.

Line a pan with wax paper...

You get everything melted and mixed, then you boil it...

Stir the stuff CONSTANTLY for about 5 minutes. If you don't, you'll have a pot of butter caramel. After the time's up, dump in your semi-sweet chocolate, marshmellows, and bacon. Stir like your life depends on it, because this stuff is going to get the consistency of cement VERY quickly.

Stir until all the white marshmellow bits are blended, then pour it in the pan, spreading it to the corners.

Then, you put it in the fridge for about an hour or two.

Then take it out, slice, and enjoy! DEEEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS! Now, it wasn't terribly bacony, perhaps next time I'll use 5 strips instead of 3, and perhaps a splash more liquid smoke. I completely forgot the cinamon, so it tastes like my regular rich chocolate fudge with chewy bits in it. All in all, I give it a B-; not great, but I will try again.

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Candied Bacon Fudge Howto
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, November 19 2008 @ 04:10 pm UTC
Why are your underwear in the fridge? Can you tell me- I've lost sleep over it.