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Whopper Virgins, first taste of the Whopper

Burger King's latest ad campaign has stirred up a few people. They visit remote parts of the world where advertising has yet to reach, and get residents to compare the taste of a Burger King Whopper with a McDonalds Big Mac. The most fascinating thing about this is that they don't know how to actually hold a hamburger! Protest groups had a field day, claiming this sort of test is cruel towards impoverished farmers who struggle to earn enough for a meal. One report went as far to say, "What's next? Are we going to start taking guns out to some of these remote places and ask them which one they like better?".


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Whopper Virgins, first taste of the Whopper
Authored by: CoryOBrien on Thursday, December 11 2008 @ 11:03 PM EST
I think people got a little carried away with fighting this campaign, and in my opinion I think the controversy that this created was actually a very smart move by Burger King to get their name out there a little bit. If I were to visit those countries, I'd want to try their food, so what's wrong with letting them try ours? It's not the best burger in the world, but it's not like it's going to kill them, and there are plenty of Americans that basically live on burgers alone, so I think it's a great idea to show them what our food is all about. Plus, Burger King gave back to each community that they visited, so it's not like these people and places just got used and abandoned.
Whopper Virgins, first taste of the Whopper
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, January 10 2009 @ 09:49 PM EST
Not that you would potentially be introducing foreign bacteria to people whose immune systems are totally unprepared for it or anything.