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Jaxson's "The Kitchen Sink" Ice Cream, Dania Beach, FL
When you ask for a giant ice cream at Jaxson's in Florida, they give you everything including the kitchen sink! This massive Ice Cream monstrocity is only available to parties of 4 people or more, and costs $11.25 per person, no sharing. No sharing? What if you want to just eat the whole thing yourself?


The Kitchen Sink: For those with an appetite for the unusual - Kaxson's professional "Soda Jerks" will unleash their imagination. Sorry - The "Sink" is reserved for parties of 4 or more. $11.25 per person, no sharing. Kitchen Sink is a registered trademark and design of Monroe Udell


Not much written about this place, other than a lot of people saying "Try the Kitchen Sink with friends!". Not a lot of pictures either! If you live around the area, and want to take some pics, please let us know!

The Kitchen Sink on the Menu

"The Kitchen Sink" Ice Cream

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