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Supersized Caesar Salad w/ Bacon Weave

I'm so sick of going to restaurants and getting 2 leaves of lettuce and a few sprinkles of bacon when I order the Caesar Salad (I can't be bad all the time). So yesterday for the Master Chef Australia audition (which I didn't get through... meh.) I made the Supersized version of the well known classic. Behold! The Supersized Caesar Salad with Bacon Weave. Bacon Weave, it's what's for dinner!

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So we had to come up with something that you could eat cold as there weren't any heating facilities available for the show. While I may be a salad dodger usually, I thought this might be a good chance to incorporate the now famous Bacon Weave into the competition and get myself a bit of an edge. Well, it didn't work, but I was still pretty happy with how it turned out! Want to make one? Here's how!

Step 1:
Find yourself a packet of only the finest quality bacon (lol)

Step 2:
Cut the bacon into long 1cm strips. Wide enough so they won't tear easily

Step 3:
Arrange neatly at the end of your cutting board. Neatness is next to godliness, and brings you one step closer to bacon Nirvana!

Step 4:
Start the weave. Over, under, over, under.

Step 5:
Admire your handiwork. Remember, weaving fabric is not manly. Weaving bacon is something Chuck Norris would do

Step 6:
Find yourself a large oven safe bowl. Cover in alfoil and grease it down with butter. We don't want that tasty pig sticking to the outside!

Step 7:
Slide the bacon off the board and onto the greased upside down bowl. Adjust it so it's nicely placed in the center. Here you'll need to start pinning the edges with toothpicks so the sides don't fall off

Step 8:
Make sure you pin those edges. Bacon Weave will not obey you if you yell at it, only if you torture it with toothpicks.

Step 9:
Place the bacon into the center of a 190C BBQ, and bake for about 40 mins. If you're using an oven this may vary. Just check back every 10 mins or so until you're happy with the crunchy factor.

Step 10:
Collect your bacon weave. Be gentle, bacon weave demands respect!

Step 11:
Place the weave on the bench, stand back and admire. You have done well to come this far.

Step 12:
Grab yourself a fancy square plate, and add all your usual Caesar Salad ingredients x 5 (it is Supersized after all!) Eat, drink, and be merry!

Very crunchy after I recooked it after the comp...

Topped with a nice cottled duck egg and some Ortiz anchovies.

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Supersized Caesar Salad w/ Bacon Weave
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, April 01 2009 @ 12:17 pm UTC
I am not a fan of bacon but I have to say that is a genius idea!!! Well done!