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Meat Limo

Recently, I was inspired by the "meat ship", and I wanted to make something representative of the industry that I am in, constructed out of meat. I posted a comment that I should try to make a meat limo. Me and another guy that I work with decided to go ahead and give it a try. When the little pieces of bacon finally stopped flying through the air, we actually ended up with three extravagant "meat limos".



We constructed the limos from an 8lb. pork tenderloin, 2lbs. of bacon, a whole bag of barbacoa (shredded beef cheek), 20 Italian sausages and a summer sausage log. We used both the pork tenderloin and Italian sausages for the body. Both were wrapped in bacon, and then we added wheels made from the summer sausage. We covered the entire concoction with the barbacoa to for the base. We have pictures and a video.

Everything we started with

The 8lb. tenderloin for the super stretch double axle hummer

Summer sausage for the rims

Me cutting the wheels out

Smaller stretch limo before cooking. 8 Italian sausages covered in bacon with summer sausage wheels and headlights.

Both stretch limos after cooking for a few minutes

All 3 meat limos in the oven

Our three finished limos, including our double axle Hummer limo made from the tenderloin

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