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The SeaFM BF Burger Challenge, The Big Burger Shack, Maryborough, QLD, AU

You may remember the BF Burger Challenge from our earlier article (recently updated with a new leader!). Well those crazy guys at the Big Burger Shack organised for the local radio station to come in and try the challenge. 4 "lucky" contestants and one radio announcer were given the BF Burger Challenge to tackle. And what better time to do it than during early morning radio... 7am!


The SeaFM BF Challenge was held at the Big Burger Shack on the 8th May. The challenge involved 4 “lucky” contestants and one radio announcer eating the mighty BF Burger in the fastest possible time live on air. Rules for the challenge are as per the standard BF Challenge and to make the challenge more interesting it was held at 7am.


Video of the first 14 minutes shows Rowboat, the current board leader, finishing the burger in 6min 35 seconds (1 second slower than his current time) and the unique way he has of eating the burger. It also shows the BF Burger beating 3 of the contestants.

The last contestant “Chappy” from Sea FM finishes 10 minutes after the video stops and apparently spends some time in the loo after the challenge rather than on air. The pain he is feeling starts during the video and continued until well after he finished. He does at one point explain the waves of pain that are coming as he tries to finish the burger and in the end a bucket is provided as the burger seems not to go down past his throat.

The video illustrates the BF Burger clearly is a monster to eat as is illustrated by the cans of mother beside each burger, and will challenge anyone who dares try it. As one customer put it “It is to burgers what Everest is to mountains –you know it could kill you but you have to give it a go and try to beat it”.

Michael from the Big Burger Shack commented “It’s not the size of the burger itself that makes it hard to eat, it’s the combination of cow, pig, chook and cheese and the shear quantity of each that really makes this burger the monster it is. We don’t just use the eye of the bacon for instance, you get the tail and we rarely trim the fat.”

The next major challenge at the shack will be the BF Mega Meal. You don’t get timed for this one, you simply get it for free if you can eat it all by yourself. This meal deal is the mother of all deals and contains the BF Burger, 1KG of Blood and Guts Chips (with all four sauces, hot chilli, sweet chilli, tomato and BBQ) and 1 litre of water and weighs in at around 3.3 KG. This one lives up to our motto “Get Shacked” and you will be!

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