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World's Biggest Sandwich
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, April 09 2006 @ 10:52 pm UTC
you flaming idiot they're not spanish people, jesus christ, it's in mexico, you flaming *censored*ing idiot. obviously you failed geography.
World's Biggest Sandwich
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, February 21 2007 @ 06:59 pm UTC
Its not antichrist, its atheist (antichrist IS a bad thing, atheism is just different, but English isn't your first language, so i understand the mistake.). I'm an American. I don't hate atheists. Mexicans do NOT have more of a right to be here than anyone else(nor do they have less of one). This is silly, we're talking about a giant sandwich, lets all just be friends. :D
(sorry, I just decided to respond because everyone here was being silly. lets all chill out)