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Eating Out

  • 16th on Park (1,530)
    Restaurant in Brisbane, Australia
    Home of "The Park Road Challenge"
  • 5lb Steak Challenge (1,835)
    Well if your looking for a Big steak check this place out in Calgary, Alberta Canada. No one has finished it yet.
  • Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo,Texas (1,804)
    The ONE & ONLY! Feeding folks since 1960, young man we fed your father! GOD bless TEXAS
  • Clinton Station Diner (4,820)
    Home of what could be the largest burger ever, the Mt Olympus 50lb burger!
  • Denny's Beer Barrel Pub (1,952)
    Denny's Beer Barrel Pub. Home of the world's largest burger, "The Belly Buster".
  • (1,907)
    A French Burger Lovers Blog, reviews on all the fast food burgers in and around France!
  • SSS BBQ Barns (1,982)
    Restaurant in Brisbane, Australia
    Home of "The Big Shank"
  • The Caxton Hotel, Brisbane, AU (1,902)
    Home of the Australia Day 1kg Steak Challenge!