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  • A Hamburger Today (5,745)
    Hamburger reviews from all over the world. One of my favorites!
  • Australia's Biggest Loser Boards (4,477)
    They linked to in one of their threads, so I thought I'd return the favor :D
  • (4,030)
    A forum for the residents in Brisbane, Australia. Talking about local news, politics, affairs, events, anything to do with Brisbane!
  • Burger Joint (1,295)
    The originators of the 9lb Big Daddy Barrick burger in Vegas, and now looking for sites across America to spread burger goodness. Always open to burger suggestions and to host challenges!
  • Don Moses Lerman (1,591)
    One of the funniest competitive eating sites I've seen, taking on challenges like the "Paulisaurus Rex", the IFOCE "Ferocious Wing Eating in Maryland", and "Pinata's Mexican Grills Burritos".
  • ExtraMSG (1,670)
    One of our members also runs a "Culinary Blog and Portland Food Guide". It's a great site, check it out!
  • Fast Food Fever (4,734)
    Make your own Supersized Meal creation with a ready-made recipe by these guys! Combine 3 different burgers to make a Triple Whopper, put popcorn chicken in a soft taco for a Pop'n'Taco, or how about a McNugget burger!
  • Finest Chef (1,550)
    George writes up professional Chef recipes for us all to try out for ourselves!
  • Great Big Stuff (2,877)
    What goes better with a Supersized Meal? Great Big Stuff!
  • Hot Chicks With Burgers (1,725)
    The title pretty much says it all !