Hot Wings Challenge Round 3, Wingnuts, Vancouver, BC

"The Wings Challenge" isn't easy. 120 of Wingnuts Hottest Wings in under an hour. Ken has tried twice and failed both times. Think you have what it takes to complete the Wingnuts Wings Challenge? Well on the 15 August, you'll have the chance to walk away with free wings and $150 cash. That is of course, if you can successfully complete the challenge!


Next Event date: August 15th, 8:00pm
The Prize:
The cost of your wings ($59.99+tax on Wednesdays) and $150 cold hard cash.


The Fine Print:

  • You have only 60 minutes - not one second over
  • You must eat the wings clean to the standard shown by judges
  • You must order the hottest wings that Wingnuts offers and you must pay for the wings yourself up front.
  • No drinks, yogurt, hot wax, Pepto-bismol, tongue numbing drugs or anything like that. Think of it like the olympics, but without the gold medal at the end.

Competitors, please RSVP

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Here are some happy snaps from the past few challenges...

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