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  • I am an American and I Eat Hot Dogs (1,312)
    Yes, he is! And this blog documents the American Hot Dog, the good and the bad! And it's been around since early 2004!
  • I heart bacon (1,283)
    Show Your Bacon Love
  • I love sandwiches (867)
    Wherein they blog all things sandwichy!
  • Junk Food Blog (1,052)
    The blog all about junk food!
  • Kate Stelnick (3,856)
    fan site for 115 pound college student who is the only person to eat the 11 pound 96er burger from Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in under 3 hours.
  • McChronicles (819)
    Pictures of McDonalds from all over the world
  • MuntedMess (774)
    Our good friend Livian has joined us on quite a few occasions as a fellow supersized meal eater! The Megaburger and the MegaTort to name a few. Check out her blog!
  • - free grocery list app (781)
    Great site to get grocery prices for Australian groceries!
  • Pie Tastic! (803)
    That's not just a pie, that's pie-tastic!
  • SuperPaul Eating and Art and Celebrity Meetin Website (3,749)
    A website allegedly for selling tropical abstract art, but really a strange collection of Superpaul with famous celebrities and IFOCE eaters. Among the celebs are US presidents, TV and Movie stars, and lots of sports personalities.