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General 2nd Birthday!

It's's second birthday! Hip Hip Hooray! Time has flown by in a blur of over 1,000 articles of Supersized Hamburgers, Schnitzels, Cakes, Drinks, Burritos, Steaks, Food Costumes, Expensive Foods, News Articles, and gorgeous photography of the things we all love, Supersized Meals!

If you've enjoyed why not give us a birthday present?

  • Buy us a happy meal through the "Need money for food!" link on the left
  • Support our sponsors, click on a banner and visit their sites
  • Leave a birthday wish in the comments!

A big thanks to everyone who's supported us over the last two years. All the members that have joined, the regular comment posters, story submitters, fans who've written in, the media who's covered us in print, tv and radio, without your support we wouldn't still be here!

Here's to another year of Supersized Meals!

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General Baby Apparel

That's right folks, will now be expanding their Merchandise line to include Baby's Apparel! Why you may ask? For my new son of course! I've been missing in action for the past week due to my wife giving birth to our first child, so I figured a new clothing line might keep the lad warm. This toddler tee is only $9.99, and will keep a smile on both their face and yours. Order yours today!


[CONTINUED (Buy Now!)]

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General v1.5 released! has been given a facelift! Here's a list of stuff that's been done

Digg links
You'll see a "Digg" link next to each story. For those of you who have Digg accounts, It'd be fantastic if you could digg the articles that you like. And the great thing is, all our previous articles like the In 'n' Out 100x100 show their current digg count! Diggalicious!

We now gladly accept donations via Paypal! Help keep running by dropping us a few $$'s. Conveniently packaged in your favorite meal sizes, you can donate a Happy Meal ($1.99), Value Meal ($3.99), or give a SUPERSIZED donation for $6.49! Every little bit helps!

When posting comments and stories, you weren't able to use the word "http", which meant you couldn't really post links. This was because we were getting hundreds of automated spam bots posting their crap on a daily basis. We've now got some anti-spam tech which should hopefully weed out the spammers. But best of all, you can now link to sites, images, whatever you like!

Better Forums
Forums have had a few improvements, mainly cosmetic, but please drop us a forum post sometime. We love hearing from everyone!

While we've our best to find all the bugs, there might still be some around. So if you have any problems with the site, or something isn't quite right, please email us,, or drop a post in the bugs forum

Shout outs to Andrew "Skinnyboy" Lane for helping with testing!

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the site and come back again soon!

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General Apparel now available!

That's right folks, has an official range of apparel, available now at!

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes plenty of Supersized Meals. Looking for a laugh? Watch your relatives panic as you walk through the door in one of these fine shirts, all the while leaving them pondering whether they've got enough food for you.

Showing up to a restaurant for an eating challenge over the holiday break? Let them know you're a serious contender by wearing one of these numbers.

And lets face it, if you bought your man a pair of these boxer shorts, you know you'll give his ego a BIG boost... (if you know what I mean...heheh...)

Have a great holiday season everyone, stay safe, and eat big!

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Happy 1st Birthday!

Huzzah! is 1 year old today! We've got the candle, now all we need is the meatcake! (will post pics very soon)

A big thank you to all our readers, story writers, commenters, people who have supported our sponsors, and everyone that's come to visit over the last year. We've had some awesome stories, some great comment battles, and a whole lotta fun, so thank you everyone!

Here's a recap of our top 10 most viewed stories for the past year:

1) In 'n' Out 100x100 Burger
2) World's Biggest Sandwich
3) In 'n' Out 101x101?
4) The Aussie Hangover Cure
5) The Ultimate Colossal Burger, Ruby Tuesday
6) 15lb Burger Gives Restaurant A New Claim To Fame
7) The Luther Burger, Mulligans Bar, Georgia
8) Cafe und Restaurant Waldgeist, Hofheim, Germany
9) SSS BBQ "The Big Shank"
10) The Giant Burger. An American Celebration - Mike Gradziel

Again, a big thanks to all of you, and here's to another fantastic year of Supersized Meals!

Eat big!

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General - Now with Forums!

Look, we've got Forums! It's taken a while, but they're finally here. There are a few different categories, but these aren't set in stone. The ones I've got so far are...

  • Supersized Discussion - Talk about posts, etc
  • The Bar - Talk about whatever you like
  • Supersized Sightings - A place to post when you see Supersized Meals
  • Site Suggestions - Post what you'd like to see here
  • Site Problems - An easier way to let us know if something isn't right

    Look forward to hearing from you all!

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    Mmm, steak! [Advertisement]

    I was trying to figure out what our readers would like to buy, and I thought to myself.... "mmm... steak!" So as you'll see on the banner above, I'm now an affiliate for Omaha Steaks. If you feel like a steak from the Internets, then think!! They've got a sale on at the moment, so if you'd like discounted steak, and like our site, help us out, click on the banner, and buy some steak!

    Thanks everyone!


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    THE New Biggest Burger Ever 060421

    A few of you have sent in this link over the last week or so...

    THE New Biggest Burger Ever 060421

    But we had that story already! And it even comes with a nice narrative to go along with it

    The Giant Burger. An American Celebration - Mike Gradziel


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    Welcome to!

    Hi, and welcome to! Your home for supersized food from around the world.

    Be it home made Mega Burgers, Huge Homemade Sandwiches, or restaurant favorites like Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, Home of the World's Biggest Burger, we're where it's at!

    I'm a big fan of big food, like a BIG fan. Give me a restaurant with a supersized meal “challenge”, and I’m all in. Ask me to make the biggest burger you’ve seen, and I’m in the kitchen trying to figure out how to cook a 4kg beef patty. I love food, that’s pretty much what it boils down to! I was doing a restaurant review site for a couple of years, but there’s a million of those now, so I thought I’d try something different, something I could really sink my teeth into, so here I am!

    So I’ve made a few supersized meals myself, and I’ll put them on the site soon, but if you know of any restaurants offering massive meals, or have had a crack at making a huge sandwich, let me know! Either sign up and put it on the site yourself, or send an email to and I’ll put it on the site!

    Eat big!

    Billy – Site Admin for